• Members will familiarise themselves, their employees and their contractors with the guidelines.
  • A member will notify their client before work commences that they subscribe to Widelines and provide a link to the Widelines web site.
  • A member will affirm their ongoing compliance on joining AWIA and annually.
  • Clients who experience unsatisfactory performance are invited to detail their complaints about a member in writing to [email protected]. Complaints should indicate where the member has not delivered against the Guidelines. Clients will receive a written response after AWIA has contacted the member for comment.
  • In cases where clients have clearly not met the standards, AWIA will seek written guarantees from members or suggest actions concerning particular clients.
  • Egregious violations or repeated instances of poor performance vis-a-vis the Guidelines will be grounds for expulsion from the Association.
  • Widelines will be reviewed and updated annually, prior to the AGM in August.

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