I checked on Google this morning, and we’re still not #1!

One of the more dreaded things to hear when you’re in the SEO game. Mostly because a good percentage of the time, it can feel like your business, your livelihood, is at the whims of nerf-basketball playing nerds in Mountainview, California (home of the almighty Google).

There are always reasons though, and in this particular case I looked at the most obvious reason.

I only started on the project last week mate.  Give it 3 months, at least, before you can start expecting some results.

He was placated with that, temporarily.  I say “temporarily” because it was no more than 4 weeks later that I got the exact same phone call.  No email, no replies to my repeated requests to get the content changes I’d made approved.  Nope, just another phone call where he’s pissed off and expecting me to cowtow.

I keep checking on Google and we’re still not coming up!”  Fuming.

Despite explaining the intricacies of how Google goes out, crawls his website, indexes the content and then decides what searches it should show up for, he still had yet to approve the changes I’d made to his content.  I’d even put it as simple as this, “Without that content, you won’t rank.

Then he decided he was smart enough to do this too.  Since I’d explained in the simplest terms how I’d made changes to his page titles, anchor text and page copy, and how that would affect how Google “sees” his site, he ignored my changes and made them himself on his homepage.  He’d seen it done on a competitor’s site, you see, so he did that too.  He put 37 keywords in his home page <title> tag, and he was proud of himself.

2 weeks after that, another phone call.  Yep, fuming.

I explained that he’d paid me to do a job, I had done it under the caveat that I would be given the room to do certain things, changing the content on his website being one of them.  I said, “Take your content off, NOW.  Put mine up, NOW.  Wait 6 more weeks.  THEN check Google every day.  Until then, leave me alone.

He didn’t like hearing that, but he did it.  And he left me alone.  And he ranked well after 3 months, I checked, even though we weren’t friends anymore. -JE